It Depends

Employee Relations Case Studies for Human Resources Professionals and Students

Anyone who thinks that Human Resources is boring or transactional clearly is not paying attention. The classic answer to just about every Human Resources issue is “it depends,” and this collection of case studies demonstrates how different circumstances, different contexts, or different cultures and laws can affect the outcome of any scenario. Intended for Human Resources students or any professional looking to increase their employee relations skills, the case studies in this collection will challenge preconceptions and encourage discussion to learn how to get to the best outcome possible.

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Case Studies:

  • The Tardy Employee
  • The Harassment
  • The Mortgage Application
  • The Big Benefit
  • The Reference
  • The Connections
  • The Accommodation
  • The Patron
  • The Drug Dilemma
  • The Intoxicated Employee
  • The Dress Code
  • The Discards
  • The Termination
  • The Office Romance
  • The Trainee

Praise for

It Depends

“Angela Champ’s book “It Depends” is a very practical compilation of Employee Relations case studies. I have been using it for my sessions with my HR mentor, and we have been thoroughly enjoying it. During each session, we would pick one case study and have a discussion, comparing our answers and challenging each others’ viewpoints. I had lots of fun while learning a lot! Angela’s book is also great for team building, book clubs and round table events. I’ve had the pleasure of co-organizing and co-hosting two round table events where we discussed two to three cases in smaller groups and then as one large group. Angela was instrumental in leading the conversation by asking additional questions and adding some further comments to spark everyone’s curiosity and engagement. The feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. I would highly suggest “It Depends” to anyone who wants to learn or teach others about Employee Relations!”

Ivana Borojevic, HR Specialist

“Angela showcases a realistic sampling of the scenarios that Human Resources professionals deal with every day. This book features case studies that on the surface have an obvious resolution, but dig deeper and you will find a circumstance that could change the outcome. An excellent resource for learning and discussion among HR teams, this book will help elevate both the art and the science of dealing with employee relations issues.”

John Izzo, Ph.D.

Author of The Five Thieves of Happiness, Awakening Corporate Soul, Values Shift & Stepping Up Sustainable Success Requires Purpose

“Much of the real work of HR is found in stories about how HR professionals, practices, and departments add value in multiple settings. Angela has done a masterful job pulling together great cases from different industries, levels, and roles so that HR professionals can find themselves in many of the cases. This is a very pragmatic and useful set of stories that will inform thoughtful HR professionals.”

– Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor, School of Business, University of Michigan

Partner, The RBL Group

“We used your book for our HR book club discussion and it went very well!!! It gave the individuals who are not an HR generalist some real good insight on some of the cases we have to handle on a day to day basis and gave them a great appreciation for what HR professionals do. My personal comments are that it is extremely thought-provoking, and really highlights the fact that the title of your book is so fitting for the HR world. Nothing in HR is truly black and white and it really does depend!!! It was unanimous that it would be a very beneficial to have HR students review the scenarios in a roundtable format where someone with experience drive and lead the conversation, similar to what we did at the book club here. What the book truly drives home is that each employee relations case is dependent on a number of factors, hence why you are calling the book: It Depends!”

Vivien Fong, Human Resources Consultant

Ça Dépend

Études de cas sur les relations avec les employés destinés aux professionnelset étudiants en Ressources Humaines

Quiconque pense que les Ressources Humaines sont ennuyeuses ou transactionnelles fait une erreur de jugement. La réponse à presque tous les problèmes en ressources humaines est «Ça dépend»: ce recueil d’études de cas montre comment les différentes circonstances et contextes, les cultures et les lois locales peuvent influencer le résultat de n’importe quel scénario. Destiné aux étudiants et professionnels des Ressources Humaines qui cherchent à améliorer leurs compétences relationnelles avec les employés, ce livre présente des études de cas qui remettent en question les idées préconçues et encouragent la discussion pour obtenir la meilleure issue possible.

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Études de cas:

  • L’employé en retard
  • Le harcèlement
  • La demande de prêt hypothécaire
  • Le grand avantage
  • Le référence
  • Les connexions
  • L’hébergement
  • Le patron
  • Le dilemme de la drogue
  • L’employé ivre
  • Le code vestimentaire
  • Les rejets
  • La résiliation
  • La romance au bureau
  • Le stagiaire