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** Great news!  “It Depends:  Employee Relations Case Studies for Human Relations Professionals and Students” will be available in French in April 2018!  Stay tuned for more details! **


“Much of the real work of HR is found in stories about how HR professionals, practices, and departments add value in multiple settings.  Angela has done a masterful job pulling together great cases from different industries, levels, and roles so that HR professionals can find themselves in many of the cases.  This is a very pragmatic and useful set of stories that will inform thoughtful HR professionals.”

Dave Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor, School of Business, University of Michigan

Partner, The RBL Group


“Angela showcases a realistic sampling of the scenarios that Human Resources professionals deal with every day.  This book features case studies that on the surface have an obvious resolution, but dig deeper and you will find a circumstance that could change the outcome.  An excellent resource for learning and discussion among HR teams, this book will help elevate both the art and the science of dealing with employee relations issues.”

John Izzo, Ph.D.
Author of The Five Thieves of Happiness, Awakening Corporate Soul, Values Shift & Stepping Up
Sustainable Success Requires Purpose
Twitter DrJohnIzzo


“We used your book today during a working lunch. I had 3 tables go through the same cases but each doing 3 different scenarios. The room was so loud it was hard to think! That was amazing. Lots of radical candor and robust conversations came out of today. What an excellent learning experience. This book is such a great resource. I will definitely use it again and again!” – Michelle Van Elsberg, Manager, Human Resources


“We used your book for our HR book club discussion and it went very well!!!  It gave the individuals who are not an HR generalist some real good insight on some of the cases we have to handle on a day to day basis and gave them a great appreciation for what HR professionals do.  My personal comments are that it is extremely thought-provoking, and really highlights the fact that the title of your book is so fitting for the HR world.  Nothing in HR is truly black and white and it really does depend!!!  It was unanimous that it would be a very beneficial to have HR students review the scenarios in a roundtable format where someone with experience drive and lead the conversation, similar to what we did at the book club here.  What the book truly drives home is that each employee relations case is dependent on a number of factors, hence why you are calling the book:  It Depends!” – Vivien Fong, Human Resources Consultant

  Intact Insurance HR West team members book club discussion


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